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24 Jan

My Step by Step daily makeup routine

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Some of you reading this friends, family know this is a really big deal for me showing my step by step makeup routine not because I don’t love teaching how to apply makeup, giving product suggestions or sharing tips and tricks but because I NEVER EVER let anyone see me without makeup. Its that rare occasion that some have experienced seeing me without makeup on.  Even before I gave birth to my boys I did my makeup.  After my first son I got bad melasma ( Dark blotches on my face) which even made me more insecure, after my last son it was so bad I was wearing my makeup to bed (HUGE NO NO) Silly I know, but it made me feel better about myslef. Then I started Hormone therapy which has put my face in shock… The joys of motherhood and getting older.  Needless to say this will be the first time I have revealed a makeup less face straight from the shower ( Photo reminds me of a wet rat) certainly no Jennifer Aniston from the Break Up.

Typically I give myself about 15 minutes to apply my makeup sometime more if I have the time.

Ok Here goes….. Nervous… Scared…



NO MAKE UP!!!!!! In my bathroom and bathrobe taken from my IPhone.


Step 1:  I use MAC concealer very light ( this will vary depending on your skin tone)  and buff on with my MAC buff brush under my eyes, on my eye lids around my nose, middle of chin and center of forehead. I don’t worry about blending the edges to much because in the next step I will do all of my blending.


Step 2: Using the same type of concealer in a dark shade, I am also using the same blending buff brush. I apply the darker color under my chin and down my neck, the sides of my face lower check area up to my check bone, around the outer side of my face, temples, outer forehead and blend to the center to meet the light color also along the sides of my nose.


Step 3: I take a large power brush a sweep on pressed powered all over face and down neck. I use the sponge that comes with the powder to apply lightly around my eye area including my eye lids.


Step 4: Here I have one of my favorite blushes in a warmer neutral color, a highlighter and a MAC blush brush. I apply the blush onto the apples of my check and sweep back toward my hairline. I apply it  pretty heavy because I know I will be adding a bronzer to contour. The highlighter is lightly applied on my upper check bone, center of forehead and bridge on my nose.


Step 5: This is my FAVORITE bronzer ( on my lazy days I use it as blush to and apply it lightly) but in this case I apply it more heavily under my chin, under my check bone, along my temples and on the outer forehead similar pattern to where I applied the darker concealer. Also using the same brush I applied my powder with.


Step 6: Lips are huge for me I have thin, uneven lips so I am always trying to find way to make them look fuller but natural.  So I use 4 product: lip liner in a neutral color, thick gloss in a very similar color ( This can be done with any color preference I switch it up sometimes), the lighter of the 2 concealers and the face powder. First I apply the liner freshly sharpened ( I feel like it glides on better) all over my lip and I like to draw slightly on the outside of my lip line to create the effect of a  fuller lip. Next I dab with my index finger the light concealer in the center of my lip this helps again with the appearance of a fuller lip, after that I set it with power to help it stay on all day, finally I add a little gloss to the center of my lip. Sometime I will very lightly reline my lip after I powder for more definition.  (imagine explaining that to the girl in grocery store who say I love your lip color what is it…)


Step 7: Eye brows and creating a base for the eye shadow. I use MAC Liner Its not my favorite still have yet to find a favorite in all the years I have been doing makeup, MAC paint pot in a skin color with a brush to apply the eye base. I comb my brows, line then sometimes I’m not very accurate but that’s ok because I can clean up my line using my brush and paint pot. I start but cleaning up under my brow and working my way down to the whole lid. I set with my face powder (not shown) or a lighter eye shadow.



Step 8: I had a tough time taking a photo of my shadow but its very simple, I have a basic brown from MAC called Cork ( I love this color) the same highlighter from earlier and 2 MAC eye shadow brushes. I have deep set eyes, my goal is to make them look less deep set, so I start by sweeping the shadow right above my crease on my eye bone and in the outer corner of my eye creating a V like shape. I use that same shadow with the smaller stiffer brush and place the color on my lash line.  I the use the highlighter sometimes with my index finger right under by brow bone and in the corners of my eye this helps open up the eye and brighten. I use my finger mostly because its one less brush in my makeup case that I do carry everywhere with me.

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Step 9: Lashes… If I had the patience and time I would do false lashes everyday. Lashes make your eyes pop, but since I don’t have the time I use Smashbox lash primer that conditions and thickens, one thin coat makes such a difference, lastly I apply 2 generous coats of my FAVORITE mascara by MAC on the top and bottom.

Well that is it…  I hope you enjoyed this and got some good tips and ideas.









23 Jan

How to Shrink a Pimple, Fast

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The morning is full of possibilities…except when you wake up with a giant zit. Then it kinda just bites. You can (and should) dab on a spot treatment with 2 percent salicylic acid, or 5% Benzoyl peroxide Peroxide ( I prefer Benzoyl Peroxide)  but even that takes about a week to do the job. So it’s a good thing there are these ways to shrink it in the meantime. I use the Benzoyl at night as well as a thin layer  under my makeup in the morning.  Clean and Clear makes one in a little tube and can be purchased at any grocery store or corner market ( Walgreens, CVS)


Use an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream as a spot treatment. It contains the same steroids that dermatologists inject into pimples to get rid of them. The more you pile on and the longer you let it sit, the more effective it’ll be. Approximately  15 minutes before rinsing it off.


Speed things along with a clay face mask. Kaolin clay has been shown to draw impurities out of the skin. I actually recommend doing a clay mask once a week, along with regular exfoliation.


Get a face wash with 2% Salicylic Acid or 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. If you’re prone to hormonal zits (which usually occur around the mouth), start using the wash the week before your period and you’ll be less likely to break out. I prefer to use it all the time. Clean and clear also make face wash with the Benzoyl Peroxide in a purple bottle that can be purchased at any grocery store or corner market ( Walgreens, CVS)


Don’t pop the sucker. Doing so can damage skin tissue and make your pimple worse. But if you absolutely, 100 percent cannot help yourself (and you did not hear this from me), take a hot shower and then gently, gently, gently press down on the skin surrounding the pimple with a cotton swab (this prevents you from applying too much pressure). Or just be safe and don’t pop it. I am terrible at this I am a “POPPER” I know I know.


21 Jan

Power of make-up

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We all know what a difference a couple coats of mascara or a slick of lip gloss can make, but the above photo really drives the point home.

The shot, which juxtaposes half a bare and half a made-up face, was posted by “Munner83″ on several months ago. It has since gone viral, and netizens continue to share the picture digitally.

The image is a product of ulzzang. Ulzzang, which translates to “best face” in Korean, describes an online fad in which Asian women are posting before-and-after photos that show a dramatic and often doll-like transformation through cosmetics. In addition to makeup, some women use contact lenses to enlarge their pupils and glue to create creases on their eyelids.

Reactions to the ulzzang trend run the gamut. Some find the transformations artistically creative and beautiful, while others are turned off by what they see as a plastic, inhuman and unattainable glossiness. There is also concern that these types of photos show Eastern women perpetuating Western beauty standards rather than embracing their own culturally distinct features.

While I can understand the concern for celebrating ethnic identity, I’ve always taken issue with the assertion that women look fake when they wear makeup. To me, makeup allows women to be creative in expressing and exploring aspects of their personalities, and why not take joy in being able to accentuate your features with some shadow and blush?

Yet in doing so, it’s important to remind ourselves that the results aren’t necessarily “better.” The right side of the face in the photo shows a woman with great bone structure, glowing skin and kind eyes. She’s lovely without the makeup, and is probably smiling because it only took her five minutes to get ready.

With that said, let’s talk about that left side. Can you say Sophia Loren? Check out the lift of the arched brow, the sweep of the smoky cat eye, the radiant warmth of her blush and those divinely glossed lips. It’s a look that could turn heads on the red carpet.

Some days, we want to be that get-up-and-go girl with fresh skin and an easygoing mien. On other days, we want to be that all-out glamazon, stepping into a room with the grandeur of a silver-screen star.

The two sides of this face seem to symbolize that duality of women. We are always goddesses, beautiful by nature or by artifice. So why limit yourself to just one face?

13 Jan

Preparation for a photo shoot

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Have you ever wondered how to bring forth your best features and create that picture perfect moment? I am going to review some simple ways of creating a glamorous photo shoot, just for you. By incorporating these six easy tips, you are sure to impress your targeted audience.

Preparation is the key factor when it comes to creating that picture perfect moment. I always encourage women to prepare for the big day, two weeks in advance. By doing so, your natural features will be accented to their fullest potential.
First, I suggest you begin with purchasing the Crest Whitening Advance Vivid Strips. You want to purchase the 14 day supply kit. I would also suggest you exfoliate two times a week, leading up to the day of your photo shot.


Second, I would consider grooming any facial hair you may have. Your eyebrows will have a nice clean finish, by either waxing or plucking. In addition to your eyebrows, also remember about the fuzz above your top lip. It is best to complete this process within a few days of your photo session. If you have any lip hair, regardless of the color, make up will accentuate it.


Third, giving your skin a tan appearance, is very attractive under the flashing lights. You have two application options that may be completed within a couple days before your big day: self tanner or airbrush. If you select to apply a self tanner, first mix it with lotion. This technique will help to avoid streaks during application. If airbrush tanner is an option for you, the process is simple and it will be sure to give your skin that flawless appearance for your special day.


Fourth, let’s not forget about your fingernails and toenails. Both a manicure and a pedicure, can really set off a photo if it is done within a few days of picture day. I would consider simple colors or French tips, as they equally come out looking elegant and very attractive.


Fifth, I would apply a tinted body lotion, the day of your photo session. This will make your skin look silky smooth and give it that beautiful glow. I recommend avoiding the face, as this will interfere with your makeup application.


Sixth, on your big day, you must decide if you are going to employ a makeup artist or elect to apply it yourself. I have included a list of tips for self application of makeup:
Start with a fresh clean face, the appropriate face cream and a brightening eye cream.


Apply your foundation, but avoid putting any under your eyes. Otherwise when you are applying your eye shadow, it may flake or fall under your eyes.


Before applying your eye shadow, already have an idea of what you want your final results to look like. Tear out a picture from a magazine, as a guide to follow. Apply a small amount of concealer on your eyelid; this will act as a base, to help the eye shadow last longer. Once you have completed applying the eye shadow, you can remove any excess makeup under your eyes with a baby wipe.


Apply your concealer undereye and cover your face with a light reflective powder and a bronze. The coverage area should extend from the forehead down to the neck, collar bone and cleavage.


To complete your glistening eyes, you must remember your eyebrows and eyelashes. Find a eyebrow pencil that is similar to your brow color and fill-in the brow. Finish off your eye lashes with a lash conditioner and mascara. Or if you have opted to apply false lashes, I would suggest a natural looking set.


When you apply your blush, I suggest you smile. The application should begin at the apple of the cheek, working your way back to the hairline.


Lips, have many options. I would highly suggest a liner that is similar in color with the lipstick shade that you will be wearing. In order to sustain a longer life of the lipstick, fill in your lips with the liner and then apply your lipstick over top. Some women may feel more comfortable applying a gloss over the liner. When doing so, try to avoid a high gloss. As this can cause a reflection in your photo.


As you can see, there are many little tips that one can do to complete their photo shoot. With little effort, you can create your picture perfect moment! For more makeup application advice, you may email me at

Ashlee Miller Artistry