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I spend much of my time with brides, through emails, coffee dates, lunches, makeup consultations, and of course their wedding day. Many of these ladies become friends to me, we share stories, their worries about their wedding day;  from the mother in laws to the first dance but one concern I hear most often is “I hope my wedding dress fits me/my ( insert choice words)  the day of my wedding”. Well ladies, brides and friends I have a solution that works. Its called It Works!  I have personally used this product and I am a big fan. I asked my friend Kristin to write up a something to tell you little bit more about It Works!

It Works! Is an amazing health and wellness company transforming  women’s and men’s bodies all over the nation. That’s right ladies you can get your man in shape too.  

Frequently asked questions:

What are the ingredients?
These are completely natural and are made with mostly herbs.  Ingredients can be found on the website below.
Will this just dehydrate me?
No! These are NOT the same as the salon wraps that dehydrate you. These work on a cellular level. You will drink 2 bottles of water while you are wrapped and half your body weight in ounces each day for 72 hours. If the results only occurred if you were dehydrated we wouldn’t ask you to be drinking water. Then no one would see results.
Where can I put these wraps? Is there a different wrap I have to buy for each body part?
You can wrap your chin, arms, breasts, back, stomach, butt or legs. No, you do not need to purchase different wraps. You just cut the wraps in half to wrap the particular area you are trying to target.
Can I wrap my face?
Yes you can wrap your face, just not with these. We have completely different wraps for your face called face wraps.
Face wrap
How many wraps will I need to use? 
Most people see results after just one wrap, but every body is different, results will very on different related factors. 4 wraps is considered a full treatment in one area. You can continue to wrap every three days until you see the results that you desire.
How long will my results last?
Depending on your lifestyle, results can last 2-6 months. If you eat a lot of fast food, drink a lot of soda or diet soda results will not last as long. If you are eating right and drinking plenty of water results will last longer.
Are these meant to replace diet and exercise?
Not at all, these are meant to be used in conjunction with living a healthier lifestyle. You will be so excited once you see the wrap results you will want to continue making better choices.
How often do I need to wrap to maintain my results?
To maintain your results we recommend wrapping the problem area once every few months or by using our defining gel as needed.
Do you only sell wraps?
No. We have a whole health and wellness line of products. All of which are completely natural as well. We have vitamins, weight loss products, stress relief, protein powder, greens, joint pain relief, pills to help you be more regular, and a whole facial product line.
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How can I try a wrap for free?
If you want to you can have a wrap party. Invite your girl friends over for a girls night. If 5 or more of them wrap, your wrap is free. All you have to provide is the location and the water. Or we can do a facial wrap party and we can drink wine or margaritas.
***If you have any questions about these products or would like to schedule a wrap party contact Kristin Caronna at 6024239453. If you would like to see more before and after pictures click here . To place an order go to

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