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09 Apr

Whats in your makeup bag?

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So here it is my little black bag. Every girl needs one.




Many girls wear a traditional foundation but because I have been fighting Melasma for many years I go for a heavier coverage. Currently I like to use a few products mixed together.  This is continuously changing for me, I love to try new products. Pictured is MAKE UP FOREVER full coverage waterproof concealer in level 5 which I mix with MAC Prolong wear concealer in NC35 mostly because its the perfect color combo for the transition between Winter and spring.  Once I’ve mixed them on the top of my hand I put it on with a Mineral Powder brush #45 from Sephora.  It will give your application that air brushed look most women desire.




Once I apply my foundation I apply my actual concealer Studio Finish from MAC this has a very thick dewy texture in NC30 slight lighter shade than my foundation color to help contour. I like to apply it with a PRO Airbrush Concealer brush #57 from Sephora. Then I use my index finger to gently bled it.





Recently I have been setting my foundation with the Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder from MAC,  for areas that may need a little more coverage I still love my Studio Fix in C4.  I apply this with one of my favorite MAC Brushes #134




Bronzer and Blush:

Hello cheeks. I Love blush!!!  I have a favorite bronzer and I have said it before Cargo is my go to brand! My color of chose is Matte Bronzer BMZ-02 often when in a hurry I use it as a blush as well. I don’t have a favorite blush color I like to switch it up. I typically go with a brighter color to brighten my face,  Melba from MAC is the color photographed.  I have used a ton of brushes but I always find myself going back to my MAC #129 brush.




Now that I have my glamours eyelash extensions : ) I don’t stress as much about doing my eyes but in the same sentence I love them so much I cant wait to do my eyes. I like to keep it very simple on a day to day. Prime my lids with MAC pro long-wear Paint pot Color Soft Ochre ( very natural )sometime I just use my index finger to apply a very thin layer.  Then I apply my go to shadow Cork (darker color)  from MAC and Rice paper (lighter color) from MAC.  I use the thicker brush MAC #224 to apply the dark and light. I apply the dark on the outside and light on the inside, then I use the thinner brush MAC #220  to apply Cork under my eye as a powdered liner, this give a very soft subtle smokey look.




I think I have explained this before, Lips are the death of me I can never find a color I love so I am constantly switching it up. The past couple weeks I have turned to cheap liners and surprisingly I like it. NYX Nude waterproof lip liner is amazing and then put a little concealer in the center of my bottom lip and then layer of setting powder to help it say on, typically I use the big brush that has left over powder from powdering my face and throw on some lip gloss MAC Please me is beautiful for the Spring time.




I have spend the last year growing my eyebrows out, it was so hard not to pluck those random hairs but the end result was worth the wait.  I was using a brow pencils and I tried them all. I decided to try a new method of using a brow gel and a brush. It takes a little but longer but looks more natural and stays all day. I really like MAKE UP FOREVER Aqua Brow waterproof color #10, then I apply it with a stiff angled brush the one I use is from Smashbox #12 but you can use any brush just make sure its stiff.



Tools I cant live without:

From the picture starting on top My Extended Play Mascara from MAC in black it has a nice thin brush for easy application especially for bottom lashes.

Next tool down is a razor that I use to gently remove the peach fuzz from my face to give a nice smooth feel. I use this as needed. You can purchase them almost anywhere now.

Below that is simply a disposable eyelash wand I use to comb my eyebrow and eyelashes before applying brow gel and mascara.

Lastly Tweezers Cant leave home without them!




Here’s my Everyday Look!

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01 Apr

25 Beauty Rules to Break!

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1.  Brown eye shadow is just for blue eyes:  While Brown eye shadow does make blue eyes pop , the right brown does look great on pretty much everyone.  My go to is from MAC Cosmetics in Cork.

2. Only use Lip liner on you inside of your lips:  I like to break every lip liner rule there is.  Personally I like to slightly over draw my upper and lower lips as well as fill in my whole lip with the same color, lightly powder them and add my favorite lip gloss over them. Currently my favorite gloss is from MAC Cosmetics in Please Me. NYX has amazing waterproof lip liner at a great price, Nordstrom Rack carries them of $5.

3. Brushes are best for applying makeup:  Although there is much truth to this, I sometimes find putting on concealer with my index finger warms the product and makes for a smooth application and can be quick and easy.  I also like to dab my lipgloss on with my index finger as well, it makes for a light application. you can find awesome and affordable brushes at Sephora.


4. Whether you have warm or cool skin, only wearing makeup within your color family: This is the very first “rule” I learned as a makeup artist. Although this is a generally a good rule. Don’t limit yourself! Cool eyes on warm skin can cause a perfect contrast and look AMAZING!


5. Hairspray is just for hair:  Sometimes I put hairspray on my eyebrows to tame my hairs.  When I am desperate and need a makeup setting spray I revert to hairspray. Call me crazy but it works!


6. Only apply blush on the apples of your checks: In fact you should apply blush were you would naturally blush.


7. Wash your hair everyday:  Its best to have some natural oils present to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Ironically washing your hair too often can dry it out.  If you feel you need a little help in between washes try dry shampoo, it works wonders.


8. Hair and Eyebrow color should match:  Blondes with matching eyebrows look summery and sun-kissed, but almost looks better with some slightly darker definition around their eyes.


9. Apply face makeup after you finish your eyes: This still applies, but before putting on heavy eye makeup, try applying a thick layer of translucent powder under your eye them wipe off afterward it will take off any stray shadow.


10. Don’t pop your Zits, no matter what:Popping pimples is never going to be great, but there are pimple popping tools to help and topical creams to calm and sooth. “I’m soooo guilty of popping with my fingers”


11. You should exfoliate your skin everyday:  Nothing beats the soft, clean skin you get from exfoliating, but exfoliating every 2 days is best to reduce risk of irritation.


12. Bronzer is not just for the face:  Bronzer is for every part of you. Face, neck, collar bones, cleavage and now there are body bronzers. Become that inner golden goddess without the harm of UV rays.


13. Don’t mix metals: Common sense dictates that should stick to gold or silver but try mixing them, it can be fun!


14. Hairstyle should be neat:  Ha…!!!  I am the queen of messy hair, braids, buns. I love effortless hair looks and styles.


15. Dryer sheets are just for laundry:  Rubbing a dryer over hair to remove static.


16. Grey hair should be covered:  Well since I am going grey now and really who has time to. Find a way to own it!  As for men I think it looks very Dapper!


17. White liner on the inner eye:  I like to break that rules and use nude its less obvious and still works great to brighten the eye.


18. Purple shadow should be kept in the 90’s:  No way! Let loose!


19. Only follow your natural shape when filling in your eyebrows:  While generally this is good advice , its always good to try new trends. Try using a brow shaping kit. Anastasia is a great brand that has kits with varies         eyebrow shapes, they can be found at Sephora.


20. Don’t mix scents:  Mixing scented lotions and perfume can create a one-of-a-kind blend.


21. Only use highlighter on check bones:  You can add highlighter from your check bones, to the bridge of your nose and a touch in the corners of your eyes, this will brighten you whole face.


22. Concealer should be lighter than your skin:  When concealing blemishes it can be beneficial to use a concealer that matches your skin tone.


23. Don’t wear makeup to the gym:  O please!  I don’t check my mail without makeup.  You have to do what makes you feel comfortable simple as that. If working out with a full face of makeup on works for you then work       it!


24. Dark lips and polish are only for summer:  I think a royal blue polish and burgundy lip can look gorgeous no matter the season.


25. Eyebrow pencils are the best method:  Gel and shadow colors with an angle brush can look very natural,  last just as long especially a great waterproof gel. My favorite is Makeup Forever’s brow gel found at Sephora.

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