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30 Jul

Fall in love with yourself

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We all have days that we feel less attractive, not as funny, not as smart, not as successful, not as great as our friend/colleague/acquaintance, etc. Comparing yourself with others is a battle you will never win. Its a battle I have personally fought for many years and I continue to fight daily.

*Maybe I am not that great of a makeup artist

*I don’t have as many Twitter followers as others

*They are so many better bloggers out there than me.

*How can I ever run a charity company and be successful ( This is a new adventure I have embarked on)

*My 3 boys are wild how can I ever compare to those “Perfect” moms out there.

The list goes on of my daily internal battles, have I become my own enemy?

Recently I posted a “Selfie” on Social media and it received a fair amount of likes and comments, Ill be honest it made me feel really good.  I asked  myself am I relying on others to fill my love for myself.   Before the shoot I was freaking out my hair sucked. Colby my almost 4 year old kept opening the door when I was showering, playing in my makeup, older boys Kameron and Ryder were fighting as brothers do.  My dress was wrinkly, I forgot to shave my armpits.  How could anyone think this photo of me is good.  I critiqued it like you wouldn’t believe.  But there it was  very clear I AM MY WORST ENEMY!!!! Nobody saw my unshaven armpits or knew I couldn’t find the perfect color lipstick, or that I wanted to wear my hair waving instead of straight.

Do I have confidence?  Absolutely, BUT I do get shy and nervous often.

Do I get Discouraged? All the time, I found a quote online that I look back on frequently ” You have the patience, the strength and the passion to achieve your ambitions, your goals and your dreams all you have to do it try.

Do I try?  Everyday!! I try hard to be a good person, Mommy, partner, friend, daughter, sister, small business owner, artist, writer, neighbor.

I am not “PERFECT” nobody is.   There are so many people out there that love us unconditionally so why can’t we love ourselves unconditionally?

You just have to LOVE yourself!

They say be fearless, be brave, be bold!  Seems to be easier said than done.

I say just be yourself!!! 

I know this is not makeup related or fashion related but it has everything to do with BEAUTY!  Beauty comes from your heart and soul and with that I know I have a big heart and a beautiful soul.  Its ok to have those days because you are not alone. Nobody is going to know you are not wearing your favorite lipstick!  Your relationship with yourself is the most intimate one you have, let yourself flourish, shine, diminish negative thoughts, people, always celebrate small milestones for they will lead to bigger ones if you have faith!

I love all of you for visiting my page and reading my blogs, liking my post, sharing my page and for supporting me.

My Favorite Quote ” For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone” – Audry Hepburn

XOXO!  Thank You… Ashlee

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29 Jul

Guide to Your Perfect Tan from a can

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It’s THAT time of year ladies!  You are going to be showing a little bit more skin and you need to make sure that your skin looks gorgeous and healthy! Finding a good self tanner that doesn’t leave you looking orange or streaked can be difficult…

Please don’t head to your local tanning booth (it’s not the 80′s anymore).  If you are like me, you don’t always have time to get sprayed by a salon professional, in this case I “Can Tan”.

How to Prep: Exfoliate your skin with a sugar or salt scrub, Shave your legs, arms… do not lotion after shower.  Towel dry completely.  Once you are dry, “still nakey” find a well ventilated area and spray. I turn on the bathroom fan and spray in my stand up shower.  You will want to wipe off the bottoms, tops and toes of your feet ( all the spray tends to fall and collect on your feet) not a good look.

My 3 Favorite

Ulta Bronze Glow Tinted Sunless Continuous Spray $9.99

They carry light-medium or medium to dark depending on your starting base color.  They always have great deals on it. Within hours you will look like you just came back from the Virgin Islands.




SEPHORA COLLECTION  Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist $16

This mist gives you a gorgeous, natural-looking tan effect without streaking—year-round and without exposure to harmful UV rays. Its light tint bronzes the skin instantly, showing you exactly where you have applied it.



Victoria Secret Tinted Self Tanner $15 but often on special 2/$20

Surround yourself in the sexiest all-over glow. Superfine airbrush mist kisses skin with golden color that develops into a lasting, natural-looking tan within hours. The instant bronze tint lets you see where you apply, and the continuous spray works at any angle for an easy all-over, streak-free application.



**What is your Favorite Self Tanner**


28 Jul

Top 5 Makeup Setting Sprays

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Don’t sweat it off, Spray in on with these top setting sprays

Kat Von D

Lock ‘N Load Makeup Setting Mist $24



Urban Decay  

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray $14-$30

**Also found at Sephora



Mist & Fix $29

**Also found at Sephora


Skindinavia’s *Personal favorites

Makeup finishing spray $29-$39



Fix+ $10-$21


**Whats your favorite setting spray**

28 Jul

“Loudmouth Orange” Top 5 Orange Lipstick

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MAC Morange Lipstick $16

*Can also be found at Nordstrom

This “loudmouth orange” in the Amplified Creme formula will suit all skin tones and I love how it makes my teeth appear whiter


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Mischievous  $7

*Can also be found at local drug stores

Velvety color with balm-like moisture


NYX Butter Lipstick – BLS10 Hot Tamale (Orange) $6

*Can also be found at local drug stores

The unique texture seems to melt onto the lips, giving full, yet lightweight coverage with a luxurious satin finish.


 MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense COLOR 40 $20

*Can also be found at Sephora

Satin bright orange


SMASHBOX Be Legendary Lipstick in Mandarin $20

*Can also be found at Sephora

         Electric  Coral


“What is your favorite orange Lipstick”

Orange lipsticks

26 Jul

Orange is in! Top 6 Vibrant Orange Lacquers

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Spring brought us melon, coral, and peach tone polishes but this summer its all about the ORANGE!

Top 8 Vibrant Orange Lacquers

Julep in Cody  $14

Cantaloupe Orange Créme Nail Polish


Essie Roarrrange $8.50

Bold Orange Nail Polish


Nicole Fresh Squeezed $7

reddish orange, jelly type polish peppered with metallic orange flecks of glitter

Fresh Squeezed

Butter London $15

Sheer tangerine jelly with shimmer


Chanel Mirabella Le Vernis Nail Colour $27

Nectarine orange creme that leans towards mango


Deborah Lippmann Don’t stop believing $19

 Big, bold and brazenly bright—it’s nothing short of excessive


**What is your favorite Orange Polish”

24 Jul

4 helpful tools for growing out your hair

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On average your hair grows 1inch every 4-6 weeks.

Here are some helpful tool for growing your hair longer and stronger.

You’ve heard the term you are what you eat, how about your hair is what you eat!  Your diet can have a positive or negative effect on your hair.. You can  get large doses of the Omega 3 fatty acids in fish, such as salmon or try other hair boosting foods are avocado and eggplant.

Anything that will give you extra protein is great for your hair


Your hair growth is healthiest at the scalp.  So many of us focus on the ends of our hair.  Exfoliating and massaging the scalp helps boost blood flow, which stimulates hair follicles to produce thicker, more lustrous hair growth, reduces dandruff and promotes overall hair health.

Using quality shampoo and conditioners make a huge difference.

Portrait of young beautiful woman washing her head

Hair mask .  I honestly do a hair mask once a week using coconut oil.  They are many homemade recipes found online, especially Pinterest.  You can also buy great mask from places such as Ulta,  salons or see your hair dresser for more specialized hair mask/treatments such as Keratin.


 Many Doctors recommend a fish oil vitamin. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that promote growth and cellular repair.  I swear by  It Works! Hair, skin and nail Vitamins it contain 5,000mg of Biotin which promotes hair growth as well.


**Tell us about your favorite Homemade hair mask”

22 Jul

How to apply False Eyelashes

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I went to Move Live on Tour Julianne Hough and Derek Hough Dance show last night with a few of my girlfriends. We were chatting about fashion, hair and of course makeup.  The topic came up about false lashes and how to apply them. I know it can be challenging to do it yourself,  so here is a quick run down of what you will need and a short how to.  Have fun…you’ll be a pro in no time.

What you will need:

Your favorite strip lashes *I always use Salon Perfect demi Wispies (they can be found at Wal-mart)


Scissors *You can use small manicure scissors
DUO lash adhesive or My favorite Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive
Now its time to apply:

1. Carefully remove the lash from the tray by rolling your thumb over the lash. This will help maintain the curve of the lash, which is necessary to keeping the lashes on with ease.

2. Measure the lash by placing it on your eye lid without glue. Cut any excess off by starting on the outer corner.

3. Take the lash adhesive and adhere a small line of glue to the silicone band.

4. Let the adhesive set appox. 30 seconds until tacky.

5. Place the lash on your natural lashes. Start from the inside of your eye then move towards outside corner, following the lash line. * Do not place on lid skin

6. Take your tweezers and gently push the false lash into the lash line so there is no noticeable separation.  Apply a thin line of eyeliner to your lid for easier blending between the lashes and your lash line.

7. Apply mascara to the lashes.

Finished look. Gorgeous!


**Lets see your Final lash Photos**



20 Jul

10 of the Worst Summer Makeup Bloopers

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Simple Mistakes you could be making

Keep your summer look glamorous by avoiding some common makeup mistakes which can turn into full-fledged beauty disasters in hot and humid weather. You could start by using less or no makeup… Ha… That was a joke. You know me this would NEVER happen. Whether I am taking the kids to the water park or going to the gym I am putting on my face.

Relying on Makeup SPF

Even if every makeup product that you’ll be using has a little SPF protection.  Here is the order you should follow moisturizer goes on first, followed by sunscreen, before any primers, concealers or foundation.

**See Post on 10 Luscious Summer Lip Balms

Using Your Year-Round Makeup Shades

Once you start getting a tan, whether it’s fake or it develops naturally, despite using sunscreen correctly, your entire makeup palette needs a change. One of the worst summer makeup mistakes is to keep using the same shades on darker skin, whether it’s eyeshadow, blush or even lipstick. Make sure that you pick something that’s flattering for your skin tone once you’ve got the base.

Skipping Primer

While primer isn’t the perfect addition to every makeup routine, it becomes a lot more important during the summer, when you’re more likely to sweat your makeup off. Whether you have dry or oily skin, you can benefit from a good primer that will keep all your makeup in place despite any environmental conditions that are out of your control.

**See Post Top 5 BEST face primers for the Summer


Using Too Much Bronzer

I totally did this today. I was using a new golden mineral bronzer from MAC, as I got a little oily it started to turn orange. It was so bad… One of the worst summer makeup mistakes, the bronzer overdose can completely ruin your look. The shade of bronzer applied is very important, but you should also be very careful when it comes to the areas you’re applying it. Do not use bronzer all over your face! Instead, add it to the areas that would be naturally sun-kissed: your nose, temples, forehead, and neck.

Skipping Summer Makeup Essentials

Oil blotting sheets( Sephora has amazing ones)  and face mist are a must in the warmer months. They can help you keep excess oil in check and refreshen your makeup quickly and easily. Make sure you make them both a part of your summer makeup kit and keep them in your purse at all times for a quick fix.

Applying Powders

As much as I like powder products, using them in warm and humid weather,  might end up as one of the worst summer makeup mistakes, cakey uneven. If you are going to use it, use in moderation.


Not Moisturizing and Exfoliating Often Enough

Dry skin is never the best base to create gorgeous summer looks, so make sure that you’re exfoliating and moisturizing your skin in order to keep it looking its best. Whether you prefer a scrub or a chemical exfoliates with AHAs, make sure that you’re going through the proper steps at least once a week, and moisturize your skin well after exfoliation.

**See Post Deep Clean those Pores


Testing Makeup Shades On The Wrong Areas

Always test on your face. Avoid your hands and forearms not only for summer but always.

Not Blending Makeup to Your Neck

Blending down your foundation is another makeup tip that has year-round utility, but it becomes even more important in the summer. Always blend well at the jawline even onto the neck.

Going Too Heavy for an Outdoors Activity

Whether you’re spending the day at the beach or by the pool, one of the worst summer makeup mistakes is going for the full look. Lighten it up and use waterproof and water-resistant products that will stay put.

** See Posts on MAKE UP FOR EVER 2014 Summer Aqua collection, MAC Alluring Aqua Collection

**Lets here your summer Blooper Comment below**

20 Jul

10 Luscious Summer Lip Balms

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Vichy Capital Soleil Lip Protection SPF 30

We slather on the SPF all over our face and bodies without a second thought, but don’t forget your lips! This lip balm has SPF 30, which is great for a day at the beach or outdoor sports.


Eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Summer Fruit, SPF 15

With a 100% natural flavor, this excellent lip balm uses shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil to increase smoothness and keep your lips protected. Its gluten, phtalate, petrolatum, and paraben-free formula is not tested on animals and it quickly glides on your lips, while also delivering broad spectrum protection.


Jack Black Lip Balm in Lemon & Chamomile SPF 25

Even though this ultra-hydrating lip balm is marketed towards men, women everywhere love it! Especially with soothing scents like Lemon & Chamomile, this lip balm is one of my favorites to keep on my nightstand and apply before bed to ensure my lips are always nourished.


Supergoop! AcaiFusion Lip Balm, SPF 30

Creamy and shiny, the Supergoop! AcaiFusion Lip Balm gives your lips a lovely rose tint, while protecting them with a high SPF. It’s definitely one of the best summer lip balms, and its formula includes acai berries, along with vitamins C and E, and shea butter, for an anti-oxidant effect that keeps your lips protected from free radical damage.


Fresh Sugar Lip Tint, SPF 15

This sheer lip balm packs plenty of antioxidants, along with currant oil and grapeseed polyphenols for a full protecting and hydrating effect. Mixing sugar with reparative oils, the Fresh Sugar Lip Tint includes SPF 15 protection, but it’s most effective on healthy lips. It also has a plumping effect thanks to its essential fatty acids.


Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm, SPF 20

Available in 6 shades, the Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm provides a sheer tint and helps revitalize your lips. Get your lips looking and feeling healthy and soft, while also getting definition and a fuller appearance with this SPF 20 lip balm in the summer.


Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm

With soothing cocoa butter, this petrochemical and PABA-free lip balm delivers really powerful sun protection with SPF 30. Using aloe and vitamin E, its excellent formula moisturizes your lips, giving them a smooth and sheer coverage with advanced broad spectrum. It’s one of the best summer lip balms for a long day at the beach.


Nivea A Kiss of Protection Sun Protection Lip Care, SPF 30

If you’re dealing with chapped lips, the Nivea A Kiss of Protection balm is a perfect match as it cover your lips in a smooth way with a silky finish. Using vitamin E and shea butter to guard your lips against anti-oxidants and to moisturize it, it also protects them again UVA and UVB radiation thanks to titanium dioxide.


Dior Addict Lip Glow SPF10

Awaken and enhance the natural beauty of your lips with this unique balm. Formulated with color reviver technology, this silky lipstick reacts with the chemistry of your lips to create a special shade that will last all day. The addition of SPF 10 will keep you protected, while hydrating mango butter and loofah extract nourish for beautiful, luscious lips.


Burt’s Bees Res-Q Lip Balm, SPF 15

Just as useful in the summer as it is in the winter, the Burt’s Bees Res-Q is one of the best summer lip balms. Its petrolatum free formula helps protect your lips from environmental stressors, while keeping them moisturized, and the physical sunblock (titanium oxide) keeps them safe from the harmful effects on UV radiation.

**What is your favorite Lip Balm with SPF?**

18 Jul

Early Morning Mom beauty Tips and Tricks

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Mom or not seems like most of us are in a hurry these days to get out the door to hit Starbucks, get the kids to school on time, work meeting.  Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you get to where you are going on time and looking smoking hot even if it is a PTA meeting.


 Start your morning off with a clean, well rested hydrated face.  Which means you must wash your face and use moisturizer before bed. You don’t want to wake up with a new friend staring right at you, taking care of that sucker will add 5mins to your morning.  Have your  face wash and creams in close and convenient reach.

My morningPreparation

Wash: Clean and Clear Continuous Acne Cleaner


Face Cream:  Strivectin TL Tightening Face Serum


Eye Cream: Strivectin-SD Eye Concentrate for wrinkles



Keep your daily makeup and brushes  in a makeup bag.  Quick, accessible and you can throw in your purse on your way out the door for mid day touch ups.


Foundation ( Foundation Brush )

Concealer (In a hurry I use my fingers)

Powder ( Travel Brush)

Neutral blush ( travel brush)


subtle  lip liner color

Neutral gloss

Neutral Eye shadow ( double as liner with a thinner brush)

Bronzer ( I use Powder brush on the go)


Sock bun

Loose flirty bun

Use a wand curling iron to add a wave for a tossed look ( Max time spent 5-10)



Be prepared the night before. lay out your outfit so you know exactly what you are going to wear including your shoes. Minimal decision making the morning of.

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 **Whats your morning routine?**

Ashlee Miller Artistry