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26 Nov

Bite-Sized Challenges

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I challenge you to make small changes in your  beauty routine.

Sometimes its the smallest steps in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life tip toe if you must but take the steps.

I encouraged a friend about a month ago to start taking care of herself, take that extra 15 mins in the morning to throw some curls in her hair, put on a little lipstick.  The following day she did and thanked me. Really she should be thanking herself, I simply just gave her the idea and she was the one who made the effort and with that she felt better about herself, more confident and it set a mood for her positive day.

So with that being said I have a few small challenges for you:

Part your hair differently:

 As much as we like the idea of makeovers, major changes can be intimidating. Its ok to take the less committal route by switching your part. You’ll be surprised  at the difference a new direction can make.

Get out of your color comfort zone:

We all love bold reds, pretty pinks and french tips, they define feminine, sophistication . I say  put those back in the draw and try a fresh new looks with  glitters, a bold accent index finger, maybe even deep blues and plums for the fall. Don’t be afraid

Sit and stand tall:

Slouching can zap your energy and your mood.  The act of  standing tall can truly boost your confidence no to mention helps build your core muscles

Skip the mirror:

Dodging the mirror can keep you from criticizing yourself, Try to focus on how you feel through the day not how you look.

Go on a blue streak:

In addition to the basic black or brown eye liner blue liner has the tendency to disguise tired eyes. Cool hues work to tone down any redness and will also make the whites of your eyes look brighter.

Drink Water:

I know you have heard it before but drink at least 1/2 your body weight in water, this will improve your skins texture and tone reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brighten dark circle and is great for your over all health.

Drink your Veggies:

If you don’t have time to eat your veggies there are many alternatives such as drinks & mixes.

Take that extra 15 mins

To do something fun or cute with your hair, throw in a sassy headband, apply a little makeup pink cheek and lips in the morning. promise you will walk out your door standing taller.

What small changes have made a difference for you? 

Ashlee Miller Artistry