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20 Aug

Inside the Secret Botox Society

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Botox is marked one of the biggest revolutions in beauty, but few talk about it.

Many, if not most of my girlfriends are hitting 30 and are starting to see those small forehead lines or wrinkle between the brow. Often they come to me for advice on skin care routines or different regiments to help and all I can say is “Girl go get some Botox!”  You don’t have to be embarrassed for bettering yourself, embrace your best self.  For those of you who are shy about getting it, admitting you want it or confessing you get it, you are not alone.  A unnamed cosmetic company did a survey that found 72% of women keep non surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox from their friends and family.  Why do we have to be on this secret Botox bandwagon. Some Botoxers fear what the procedure may portray to others. Many women want to present themselves as naturally beautiful and that they are the real thing, that perhaps, that’s more attractive to others.  Admitting to others your saying you are not beautiful soley on your genes or good health or perhaps you are not satisfied with yourself as you are, that’s where the taboo is.

Lets get real. Botox has become a staple in my beauty maintenance routine- somethings as essential as keeping my grey away, whitening my teeth or always having perfect french tips. My trips to the office DO NOT remain silent I walk in there proud and walk out looking fresh. Some may refer to this as superficial or vain.  So be it then I am Vain!  You don’t have to go all Real Housewives you can simply walk in and ask for the I just woke up like this illusion.

I have outed myself from the Secret Botox Society who’s with me?




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