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29 Oct

What is Dermaplaning?

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Dermaplaning is a procedure for exfoliating the outer most layer of skin and ridding it of fine hair we tend to call peach fuzz. It’s a quick procedure that’s generally performed on the face. A trained and medically supervised Esthetician uses a scalpel and a delicate touch, to abrade, or scrape, the surface of the skin using light feathery strokes.

Why Get It?
Dermaplaning not only rids the face of the peach fuzz, it also exfoliates dead skin cells on the outermost layer. It’s a great option to offer to patients who are pregnant or nursing who want a deep exfoliation, but are not allowed to use peeling agents on their skin because adverse reactions.

How It Compares to Traditional Shaving
So if dermaplaning just seems like a very fancy and expensive way to shave, then you’re almost right. The real difference is the exfoliation. The technician can determine how deep to plane the skin, where a razor can only go so far.

Shaving can be done every day whereas dermaplaning should not. You actually need to wait two weeks before the next session. Although sunscreen is important for everyone, it’s very crucial after getting this service because the skin is very sensitive to the sun and hyperpigmentation (dark skin spots) can occur.

Shaving can be scary for some because there is a myth that the hair will grow back thicker and darker. This is not the case. The reason it can look thicker and darker is because the razor will cause a blunt edge. The blunt edge is what may cause the hair to look and feel thicker.

Why Don’t I Know About This?
Dermaplaning isn’t usually offered in salons and spas. Some doctor’s offices and medi spas will provide this service. Generally Estheticians don’t even know about it because it may be beyond the scope of practice in their state and they use microdermabrasion or chemical peels for deep exfoliation.

The Costs
The prices range from $75 to $150 and up. Most doctors’ offices or medi spas that have it on the menu will offer it with a chemical peel or facial because it allows for better penetration of the products. Either way, make sure the technician/Esthetician is well trained and is comfortable with what they’re doing.

Consider This
I bet you’re telling yourself you will just shave then and remove that peach fuzz and get a good exfoliation. We don’t recommend women shaving their face unless you’re going through laser or electrolysis, where it’s one of your only hair removal options.

Can you do this at home

Yes there are safe ways to dermaplan at home.  You will want to get a razor with safe guards on it the only brand I will ever use is Kai Japanese Face razor with a carbon blade.  You can purchase these on Ebay typically 10 for $15.  You can reuse them but please make sure you are sterilizing them after each use.

This is personal one I use


For more questions about dermaplaning please feel free to email me

27 Oct

The Beauty Benefits of Pumpkin

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It’s officially pumpkin season! Sure, you’re already hooked on pumpkin spice lattes and have made a date in your calendar to find the perfect jack o’lantern, but are you aware of the benefits that this iconic squash can provide to your skin?  Pumpkin is an ingredient that can benefit all skin types.  In particular, pumpkin is an effective skin exfoliant because of the high content of natural enzymes,  Packed with zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins, pumpkins protect your skin from wrinkles and age spots as well as gently exfoliating for a more radiant complexion .  These enzymes help dissolve dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.  Try this simple pumpkin exfoliating mask for a natural healthy glow.

Don’t have a pumpkin patch nearby? You can get this orange fruit (yup, it’s a fruit!) in a can at your local supermarket.

Make your base: Whisk together about 1/4 cup of pumpkin and one whole egg. The yolk adds nourishment while the white provides a subtle tightening effect to sagging skin.

Dry skin additive: Add a few teaspoons of honey, which not only seals in moisture, but prevents breakouts thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Oily skin additive: For an astringent effect, mix in a splash of apple cider or cranberry juice.

Apply: Smooth the pumpkin-y potion over your face, relax for 15 to 20 minutes, and rinse to reveal a brighter, firmer, smoother complexion


21 Oct

Think Pink

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We all show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness in different ways. Some of us own hundreds of pink dresses, others donate to the cause in a stylish way, and still others bring the pink to their tresses.  Celebrity icons such as Kate Hudson and her mom Goldie Hawn fall into the latter category.
Here are some beautiful Pink hair styles I LOVE!!!!
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You can purchase these Luscious locks from or buy clicking on the photos below.

20″ #Pink Body Wave 100% Remy Human Hair $77.98

18″ #Pink Wave 7pcs Full Head Set Clip In Human Hair Extension $64.99

26″ #Pink Light Yaki 100% Remy Human Hair $90.98


coupon code:hair


Think Pink!

14 Oct

17 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet

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17 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet

These wardrobe staples are the building blocks of every stylish girl’s wardrobe.


Denim Jacket
Like your favorite pair of jeans, a denim jacket goes with everything,

and it’s a great layering piece for cool summer nights,

chilly fall days, or even when you need an extra layer in the winter.


Ballet Flats
Flats are a must for when you need something more polished than sneakers

but more comfy than heels. A cute pair of ballet flats make even the most distressed jeans look chic,

and look cute with dresses, too. Of course, black and nude are the most versatile options,

but snakeskin or leopard-print can be treated like neutrals and look super chic.


Black Blazer
Find a fitted blazer that you feel great in, and you’ll have it in your closet for years and years.

It’s an internship and work essential that makes any outfit look instantly more profesh,

and can dress up jeans and a tee for a night out or work over a dress for a party.


Everyday Studs
Small classic studs go with everything and take any look up a notch.

The tiny size makes them laid-back enough for class,

but the crystals make them glam enough to rock with a party dress.


Bra That Fits
The right sized bra can transform your entire wardrobe,

making tops, dresses, and more look and fit better.

The right size bra won’t bunch up or pull across, plus, the straps will stay put.

A T-shirt bra with lightly-lined cups is your best bet, so it looks smooth under fitted tops.

Pick a style in your skin tone, and it’ll work under any color shirt

(unlike white, which glows under black shirts and shows under white shirts!).


White Tee
A white tee is a must-have for every wardrobe. You’ll wear it all the time—with jeans,

under sweaters, with skirts, you name it!

Finding the perfect white tee can be a bit tricky.

The best ones are soft with a relaxed fit—not too tight or too loose.


Neutral Tote
As cute as that emoji backpack is, sometimes you need something more profesh,

like for a big interview, or an internship. A roomy tote in a structured material will fit your laptop

and a change of clothes when you’re running from class to your work study job.

Pick a timeless color like black, and it will last years to come.


Black Booties
Black ankle boots in leather or suede will go with everything you own and can be worn year-round.

They’re perfect with tights and a dress or skirt in cooler temps,

or wiht a skirt or shorts and bare legs for warmer weather.

Ankle boots are super flattering on every leg shape,

and a stacked heel will give you height without sacrificing comfort,

so you can wear them when you’re running around all day.


Moto Jacket
A black moto jacket is an essential layering piece that makes everything look instantly cooler.

It adds edge to the girliest prints, takes summer dresses into fall, and looks great with jeans and a tee.


Cute Sneakers
Running shoes used to be reserved only for going to the gym,

but your feet will be happy to know that they are now totally fashion-y to wear all the time!

They come in super-fun bright colors and styles,that will give a sporty touch to dresses and jeans.

If you get to the gym, that’s just a bonus.


Chambray Shirt
You can do SO much with a denim button-down shirt!

It’s less business-y than a white oxford,

and is more lightweight than a denim jacket, making it perfect for layering.

 Extend your wardrobe by pairing it with a party dress to make it school appro,

or double up on denim by rocking it with jeans.


Classic Jeans
Straight leg jeans in a dark wash are ultra-flattering and versatile and will go with everything.

Dark shades look dressier so they can be worn a million different ways and will look polished

enough if you intern or work in a jean-friendly office.

Find a pair that flatters your figure, and you’ll wear them all. the. time.


Statement Necklace
When you need an instant outfit maker,

a statement necklace upgrades everything from an LBD to a white tee.


Cute Going-Out Bag
Invest in a cute clutch in a neutral hue that you can take everywhere

from a party or date to the movies with your girls.

Choose one that has a removable strap so you can rock it hands-free during the day.


Black Leggings
You can go straight from an Sbux run with your besties to yoga class

to the couch for a Netflix binge in black leggings.

They’re just as comfortable as sweats, but look much more put-together.


Black Pumps
They may not be the most exciting purchase,

but you’ll get tons of wear out of black pumps in a classic shape.

Rock them with a pencil skirt and blouse for your internship, jeans and a tee for a birthday party,

or a dress for a mixer. With a heel under three inches, they are always appropriate and chic.

Look for leather or patent-leather ones with a slight point—

not too round or too pointy so they aren’t too trendy.


A flattering black dress will take you from your job to a date just by switching up the accessories!

Keep it simple and classic with a style that hits just above your knee to get the most use out of it.

07 Oct

How to get ready FAST!

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Try a quick side twist
In a rush? Pull your hair into a slick side ponytail. Then split it into two sections. Twist both pieces in the same direction. Wrap them around each other. Voila—you’ve got a fun style in less than two minutes!


Fake a bronzy glow with a swipe of highlighter
Dab on some highlighter in a C-shape beginning on the outer tips of your brows to the top of your cheeks, and it’ll look like you got eight hours of sleep, even when you were up late studying!


Turn dirty hair into beach waves!
No time to wash your hair? NBD. Spritz with a texturizing spray, and scrunch! You’ll have that #IWokeUpLikeThis look!


Fake a good night’s sleep with white eyeliner
Swipe white eyeliner on your lower lash line and finish off with a bit of bronze shimmery shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. You’ll look wide awake, even if you stayed up all night binge-watching PLL!


Dry Shampoo
Soak up oils and add volume by applying dry shampoo to your roots and combing through hair with your fingers.


Use an in-shower moisturizer
Save a few minutes and instead of lotioning up after showering, so opt for a moisturizing body wash instead, like Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion With Shea Butter.


Cleanse your skin with face wipes
Since you washed your face the night before (right?), it’s fine to use a cleansing face wipe if you’re running so late that you don’t even have time to wash your face.


Swipe on bold lipstick
Red or bright pink lipstick will brighten up the rest of your face, and make it look like you actually took the time do your makeup.


Hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom while you shower
The steam will help reduce the wrinkles and is way quicker than ironing your clothes. You can also spray a wrinkle releaser, like Downy Wrinkle Releaser.


Brush your teeth in the shower
Cleaning them while you wet your hair saves precious minutes!


Use a cute scarf as a headband instead of styling your hair
A scarf gives second (or third) day strands insta-style, and can conceal greasy roots.


Have a foolproof outfit
A lot of times we are late because we can’t figure out what to wear. If you’re running low on time, think of a cute outfit you’ve worn before that got tons of compliments, or simply go for a dress. It’s just one piece, and you don’t have to worry about matching separates!


Streamline your routine
Forget the toner, blow dryer, primer, finishing powder, and all those extra steps you go through when you want to get super glam. Just stick to the basics (moisturizer, mascara, gloss, and a swipe of blush) when you’re in a hurry.

01 Oct

6 Yummy Pumpkin Scented Beauty Products

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It’s finally fall, which means pumpkin-spice everything! Check out these products that prove this gourd is good for more than just jack-o-lanterns.


Moisturizing ingredients, like Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, will leave your skin feeling silky smooth—plus, you’ll smell like pumpkin pie.


Lip Balm
The lip balm fave gets a fall upgrade, with a delish scent that will leave your lips soft and hydrated.

Pumpkin Spice Moisturizing Lip Balm, $3.30, (Available October 1st)


If you can’t live without your weekly Pumpkin Spice Latte, you’ll flip over this moisturizing shampoo’s amazing scent!

Shampoo Pumpkin Chai Restorative, $15,


Hair Styling Cream
Pumpkin in full of shine-boosting and hair-strengthening ingredients vitamins. This pumpkin-infused styling cream will give your waves that messy, undone hold, and leave your hair looking healthy and shiny.


Perfume Oil
Carry this mini roll-on perfume in your school bag, and you’ll have everyone wondering what smells so amazing.

Perfect Pumpkin Perfume Oil, $18 for .33 fl oz,

This organic and cruelty-free scrub will leave your lips kissably soft! Using a little on wet lips before you put on your makeup will keep your lipstick looking smooth. It smells so good, you’ll one to eat it! (But, don’t.)

Pumpkin Lip Scrub, $10, Available October 1

30 Sep

If you are naturally on the paler side…

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If you are naturally on the paler side, you know the pain of body bronzing: often streaky, always smelly, disappointingly faux and rarely your friend.  I literally never turn down a sample offer for body bronzing products because you never know – I forever hold out for that holy grail of glow.

What’s different about this product? It’s makeup, not self-tanner, so there are no surprises. It’s completely blendable and buildable so it’s mistake-proof.  It’s amazing how easy it is to blend, as well. And last but not least – IT SMELLS AMAZING – like summer  in a tube. This product is amazing for brides.

Gleam Body Radiance comes in three convenient sizes:

Wrinkle Filler and skin tightener

Makes skin look like velvet perfection

Perfect for spray tans to enhance, even out skin, add depth and extend

Create an instant tan that lasts all night

Highlight, create a subtle glow, enhance natural skin tone, tan , perfect

Diminish flaws like varicose veins, small stretch marks and discoloration

A shade for every skin tone & Every skin tone can wear all shades. You can choose for sheer coverage with a healthy glow finish or deepen the skin tone and create a natural sun kissed glow.

1oz $15
Our one ouncer has a flip top and is the perfect size for that small travel kit. Not sure which shade you are? Try out the small 1 oz size, at $15, you can’t go wrong! If you love mixing just a little of one shade to your main shade this is the way to go. Also the perfect size for utilizing within your face makeup kit.

2oz $30
The two ounce is a long and elegant tube with a flip top and is plane friendly for check on. Also perfect for makeup kits, and again for those Gleamers that love to customize their own shade a great buy as your mixer or topper!

3.5 oz $40
The most bang for your buck, especially for full body coverage. Beautiful tube with a screw top. Melanie usually goes through her 3.5 oz every 3-4 weeks.

What is a mixer?
Gleam fans love to create their own custom color. Rosé mixed with Deep Gold. Deep Gold with a touch of light gold. Bronze Gold with a touch of Deep Gold. You name it the options are limitless.. Play! And get your Gleam on!

What is a topper?
Once you have applied your shade all over your skin, then take a lighter shade as a topper to shoulders, cheekbones or decolletage… Anywhere you want that extra pop, top off!


Can be found at

29 Sep

What a Tease

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Let’s talk about teasing and what you will need for that perfect tease.

3 simple items

Teasing brush

Spornette Little Wonder Teasing Brush with Boar and Nylon Bristles

Hair Balm

After you towel dry your hair adding texture can help smooth thicken and enhance your tease. Small talk is so yummy.  Add a dime size to your hand and work into your hair,  you can either air dry or blow dry your hair, I prefer blow dry it give my hair more volume.

               TIGI Bed Head Small Talk

Teasing Spray

What a Tease creates a big, teased look without the damage of heavy teasing/backcombing! Section your hair were you want to create volume and gentle tease and spray.  After you have sprayed you can lay your hair over the teased section and smooth the top layer back down to cover.

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair What A Tease Backcomb In a Bottle

Then set with your favorite hairspray.

Its That Simple. Now go out there and start Teasing!

23 Sep

Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar

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I’m oddly obsessed with elephants (I may or may not have a board dedicated to them on Pinterest.) When I came across Drunk Elephant skincare line, I mean. It was a given to look further into it.

I’ve always considered elephants to be the nicest animals on earth (despite their incredibly large size), this skincare line is just that. So friendly! Everything uses minimalist, non-toxic ingredients. The star ingredient is Marula oil – a fruit elephants love to eat that makes them a little tipsy. (Hence, Drunk Elephant)

This is a gentle, multi-tasking bar that deeply cleanses, tones and moisturizes. Unlike soap, which has a pH level of 9 or above, the Pekee Bar’s ideal pH-level of 6.51 ensures sufficient cleansing without drying or stripping the skin of its protective barrier. The bar is very gentle, and there is an elephant engraved into the top. So along with being an effective cleanser, it just makes you happy.

Pekee Bar is Infused with a powerful blend of blueberry extract, marula oil and honey, Sounds delicious doesn’t it?


All products support the International Elephant Foundation – cult products for a terrific cause, fellow elephant aficionados.


Can be found at

22 Sep

What is your favorite Fall Trend?

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I am digging the new fall trends, Simple and effortless what more could you ask for.

…Cherry red lipstick has a rival who won’t seem to back down. Darker, more badass, and unapologetically sexy, burgundy has become a mainstay for fall,. The easiest way to pull it off? Apply straight from the tube, blot, reapply, and blot again. You want it to look a bit diffused, as for the rest of your face, keep your makeup minimal.


…If you invest in just one nail color this season, let it be deep, dark, and a little vampiric. This shade goes with everything, including many of the cool-right-now colors (deep blue, olive green). For a pristine finish, apply two thin coats, then clean up edges with a pointy cotton swab dipped in polish remover.
Essie nail polish in Wicked, $8;


…Cover your ears for this one—literally. This season’s big hair accessory is as functional as it is fashionable, doing double duty as hairline de-frizzer and earmuffs at the Balenciaga and Nina Ricci shows. The best part? The look is simple to do (on dirty hair, no less) by snipping a pair of old black tights or lopping the wrist off that black cotton sweater you accidentally shrunk in the wash.


…Hold onto your eyeliner, ladies. take the traditional cat eye for a serious joyride. Using black pencil, paint a thin line along upper lashes and flicked it up at the corners. Keep building on the line to make it thicker. Use cotton swabs to perfect the shape.  To give the swoop even more drama,  dot chunks of the same pencil along the lower lashes. Sound a little too crazy? Make the wing thinner.


…Braids aren’t going anywhere this season. In fact, if popular hashtags are any indication, they may soon overtake the ubiquitous pony. Whether you fantasize about channeling a rock and roll princess, an innocent Dutch schoolgirl , or a Renaissance maiden, there’s variety out there that’s easy to re-create for everyone (no master’s degree in hairdressing required).


…It’s baaack—that ’90s Courtney Love kind of hair that looks even better when it’s slept in. The simplified way work mousse through your hair, then blow-dry using a round brush. Mist the lower part of your strands with a curl-activating spray, and wrap random pieces around a curling iron to form languid bends that you break up with your fingers. Finish with a shot of hairspray. (Bonus: You can wear it a second day without washing!)


…The essential foil to fall’s intense lips and nails? Skin with minimal shine. Models bared it at shows like Chloé, where makeup artist Diane Kendal made it look like they weren’t wearing any makeup at all (ha, as if!). To achieve the toned-down effect, prep skin with a nongreasy gel moisturizer, then apply foundation using a flat makeup brush for streak-free, flawless coverage. Dab concealer on imperfections or redness around the eyes, nose, and cheeks, then dust loose powder all over to set the look and eliminate shine.


What’s your favorite Fall Trend?

Ashlee Miller Artistry